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Selenium WebDriver Methods Synchronization
Selenium WebDriver Methods Synchronization

Selenium WebDriver methods:

The Selenium WebDriver training systems are usually systems it is possible to utilize at any given stage i.e., the circumstance is having a site filled in the browser.

You've got previously noticed several of those systems, therefore these wo nt be repeated by us here.

  • GetWindowHandle results a listing of addresses to any or all tabs that are available.
  • SwitchTo enables to emphasis is switched by you to a frame or an available tablature.
  • Handle lets you command the present browser particulars, e.g., see and modify snacks, alter the dimensions and place of the browser window.
  • Browse supplies an option to the get control so you could 'browse().to(aUrl).
  • Systems that are WebElement.

The techniques are generally neighborhood to some particular component to the webpage.

You've got currently noticed:

  • click which activates a mouseclick the component.
  • FindElement which helps a kid component is found by you.

Then you are going to notice which we're able to additionally, in the event that you take advantage of signal completion in the IDE:

  • Obvious clear the writing within an input field.
  • findElements locate kids of the component.
  • getAttribute get a value of an aspect, e.g., type or id.
  • getTagName the label name for the component, e.g., li or a
  • getText get the text in the component, e.g., the hyperlink text.
  • Tips are sent by sendKeys in to the field to sort.

We also can assess the condition of the component:

  • isDisplayed Is the component observable?
  • isEnabled May we connect to the component?
  • isSelected might it be chosen?

You can find mo Re techniques on WebElement however, the listing that is above addresses the ones that you'd utilize usually.


The preceding would be the principles that could enable you to function with a lot of webpages. You'd not be unable to fill webpages locate components around the site, click together, and recover text from your site to check your outcomes.

As well as for sites that are very easy, maybe this is.

For programs and harder sites, synchronization becomes not unimportant.

What this means is, as opposed to:

  • Available a page
  • Look for a link
  • click the link
  • Assess the name around the page that is fresh

As an alternative, we'd:

  • Available a page
  • Await the webpage to be prepared to use and packed
  • Look for a link
  • Click the link
  • Await the webpage to be prepared to use and packed
  • Assess the name around the page that is fresh

The preceding strategy becomes significant when the net program we're s/w evaluation utilizes the site to be populated by lots of Java Script, or to get an individual-site program that's just onepage, nevertheless, person activities were depending on by the Dominic adjustments via JavaScript.

Two primary strategies are provided by Selenium WebDriver tutorial to synchronization:

An integral synchronization strategy called a more consumer, together with implied delay -managed strategy referred to as delay that was specific.