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Aspects Of Selenium WebDriver
Aspects Of Selenium WebDriver

Only to demonstrate how strong a Selector is, I can join both commands that are findElement of #menu_download in to an individual Selector a.

  • WebElement downloadLink = driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("#menu_download a"));

It's worth studying Selectors, but it is possible to do a great deal using the className, title, link-text and I-d selectors that are fundamental, when beginning to master Selenium WebDriver training.

Given that people understand by hitting components the best way to browse between webpages, it is not unimportant that our technique may assess that our routing operated and that we have been to the site that is right.

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We do that by using the Maintain category to claim that a number of state continues to be satisfied.

Because of this evaluation, Im heading to benefit from the name about the site. The name is Downloads; when we use the developer resources that can be seen by us both in the tablature to the browser and in the HTML it self.

If perhaps Selenium WebDriver tutorial had an easy method to get the name of a page.

Luckily, the Selenium WebDriver training online software shows a process that is getTitle, s O I'm able ot utilize this in a JUnit claim to check that we have been to the right site:

  • Assert.assertEquals("Downloads", driver.getTitle());

This uses the fixed assertEquals approach from your org.junit. Maintain group to evaluate the chain Downloads against the worth came ultimately back in the method that was getTitle.

Then the claim may move whenever they're exactly the same as well as the check will move.

Then the statement may fail and toss an exception, should they can be distinct. This is noted as an evaluation that is a failure in IntelliJ.

E.g., easily alter the declaration to:

  • Assert.assertEquals("Uploads", driver.getTitle());

As the expected-value Submissions will not equal the Real worth came ultimately back from the getTitle method, that will be Downloads subsequently this may fail.

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The evaluation in total is demonstrated under, if you produced any errors inputting the signal.

  • Transfer org.junit. Claim;
  • import org.junit. Evaluation;
  • import org.openqa.selenium. By;
  • import org.openqa.selenium. WebDriver;
  • import org.openqa.selenium. WebElement;
  • import org.openqa.selenium.firefox. FirefoxDriver;
  • public group MyFirstWebDriverTest 


  • Community void checkSeleniumHQinFirefox()
  • WebDriver motorist = new FirefoxDriver();
  • driver.get("");
  • WebElement downloadTab = driver.findElement("menu_download"));
  • WebElement downloadLink = downloadTab.findElement(By.tagName("a"));
  • Assert.assertEquals("Downloads", driver.getTitle());
  • Motorist.stop();

Selenium WebDriver:

The two primary types which you employ for Selenium WebDriver tutorial online s/w evaluation are WebElement and Selenium WebDriver video tutorials.

The browser is represented by Selenium WebDriver videos and contains basic means of getting sections or common components of the site and controlling the browser.

WebElement signifies a component about the webpage and helps techniques associated with that particular component, e.g., click, yielding the writing in the component, returning characteristics, etc.

We demonstrate tips on how to discover mo Re your-self, and will today examine these processes in increased depth.

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Utilizing Signal End to Learn:

The present signal weve composed to aid us observe the reach of strategies available to us on the Selenium WebDriver training tutorial group can be used by us.

If the cursor is place by me only after motorist. and then media ctrl room I am going to visit a popup menu showing the processes which I'm able to phone from Selenium WebDriver course:

In the popup it is possible to view which we are able to:

  • findElement locate a component around the page
  • get proceed into a URL
  • getTitle reunite the name of the webpage as a string
  • Near shut the tab
  • findElements reunite An Inventory of WebElement items that complement the locator, e.g., locate every one of the anchor components about the page